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ADMISSION tickets to HK PRIZMA games

We invite you to buy ENTRY tickets for the OPTIBET hockey league games at the VOLVO sports center at the box office.

"Multifunctional sports field" has been opened at Volvo Sports Center

A multifunctional sports field with artificial cover has been opened at the Volvo Sports Center (in the “C” field during the summer season). The sports field is suitable for ...

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VOLVO Sports Center Café offer on-site dining or take-away food:

  • Lunch with purchase in a cafe
  • Lunch with WOLT delivery
  • Lunch with BOLT delivery
  • banquet lunch: for anniversaries, conferences and corporate events

Phone: +371 272 277 48


Sports school "Pārdaugava"

Hockey club "PRIZMA", which implements professional training at the sports school "PĀRDAUGAVA", , sports School enrol students in ice hockey and figure skating groups.
Inquiries by phone: +371 67 40 82 69

Public skating

We invite all who can and anyone who wants to learn to skate. Call: +371 67 40 82 66. Show public skating times

Youth and amateur hockey team games

In Volvo Sports Center regularly we have youth and amateur hockey team games, tournaments, as well as figure skating competitions. We organize corporate and personal activities, offer to use our sauna with rest room. Teams, collectives and other organizations, who wish to rent an ice field or celebrate a holiday, call: +371 29 26 96 66.

+371 674 082 66 Jūrmalas gatve 78d, Rīga, LV-1029, Latvija