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About Volvo Sports Centre

"VOLVO" Sports Center opened its doors to visitors in 2005 August but the official opening was only in November 16th. Our hall is only hall in Latvia with two-standard indoor ice rinks, located between two housing estates Imanta and Zolitude.


1st floor 2nd floor
  • Cafe - hot meals, snacks and cold beer.
  • Fitness club "Fitex" - a gym, aerobics, beauty parlour.
  • Judo club "LIDO" - judo classes.

Sports school "Pārdaugava"

In Hall we have professional oriented sports school "PĀRDAUGAVA". Sports School enrol students in ice hockey and figure skating groups.

Inquiries by phone: +371 67 40 82 69


Volvo sports center hotel was built in 2016 right next to the Volvo sports complex. Volvo sports center hotel offers 27 double rooms and 2 VIP rooms. Hotel can host 58 persons. Each room is equipped with free WiFi and television. Hotel offers conference, gym and aerobics rooms. The hotel's location is Riga-Imanta, Jūrmalas gatve 78D. Hotel is located next to the train station, as well as bus and minibus stops, which can be used easily to get to the city center, or to the Riga airport read more ...

Public skating

Saturdays and Sundays we have PUBLIC SKATING. We invite all who can and anyone who wants to learn to skate. Call: +371 67 40 82 66

Youth and amateur hockey team games

In Volvo Sports Center regularly we have youth and amateur hockey team games, tournaments, as well as figure skating competitions. We organize corporate and personal activities, offer to use our sauna with rest room. Teams, collectives and other organizations, who wish to rent an ice field or celebrate a holiday, call: +371 29 26 96 66.

+371 674 082 66 Jūrmalas gatve 78d, Rīga, LV-1029, Latvija